Meeting Learners Where They Are

Using Microsoft Forms to Drive Improvement in Learning Outcomes

This study was designed to explore how teachers are using Microsoft Forms to drive student learning outcomes in primary and secondary school classrooms. A total of 22 teachers—both experienced and novice Forms users — participated in a Skype interview about how they use Forms in their teaching. The findings indicate that teachers are using Forms in pedagogically substantive ways to improve student outcomes, to individualize instruction, and to innovate in their teaching through more student collaboration and social and emotional learning. Teachers also used Forms for professional learning and to increase their efficiency with administrative and routine teaching tasks.

In addition, because of its streamlined design and ease of use, teachers were able to create a Form for their students and get started within a matter of minutes. This report provides concrete examples of teachers’ use of Forms and describes their support needs for starting to use this tool in the classroom. School leaders and instructional technology coaches can also use this paper to inform implementation plans and training on Microsoft Forms.

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