Enabling Analytics for Improvement

Lessons from Year 2 of Fresno’s Personalized Learning Initiative

Fresno Unified School District embarked on a Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI) in 2016. Now having completed its second full year of implementation, we have clear evidence that the initiative is succeeding in helping teachers and students develop the skills, competencies and mindsets essential for “as yet imagined” futures. A unique aspect of Fresno’s PLI is its analytics partnership between Fresno Unified, Microsoft Education, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Digital Promise. This partnership uses learning analytics to see where and how the initiative is working, and how we can improve the initiative for greater impact.

This paper describes the early success of the PLI on students’ learning outcomes, evidence on what elements of the implementation are working, and the process and principles of our analytics partnership. The aim of the paper is to share with other education systems what we have learned on this journey.

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