About Leading Countries

Leading Countries of the World (LCW) in the Digital Transformation of Education is an intergovernmental community of excellence founded by global education technology leaders.

Our goal is to help nations become more efficient and effective in their implementation of digital transformation. We achieve this by facilitating co-operation and communicating best practice in order to lead the narrative and inspire positive change.

As a community, we work to raise awareness and promote bold ambition, supporting education systems through consensus on critical success factors and collaborative research. By connecting countries that are leading in the digital transformation of education,
LCW enables members to share transformational journeys and hear from a community of peers focused on improving the quality of learning outcomes across the world.

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Students engaged in deep, measurable learning


Classrooms that inspire learning


Skilled, equipped and successful teachers


Personalized and enjoyable learning


Education unlimited by time or place


Systems that empower efficiency, productivity and performance

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